Dr. Paul Frijters

Professor of Economics (University of Queensland)

Senior Research Fellow

Paul Frijters is a Professor of Economics at the University of Queensland and an Adjunct Professor at the Australian National University’s Research School of Social Sciences. He is also a Research Director of the RUMiCI project. The project monitors rural to urban migration in China and Indonesia. Paul holds a Ph.D. in welfare and well-being in Russia from the University of Amsterdam. His Ph.D. thesis applies and extends psychological insights about the causes, definition and measurement of well- being into economics. Paul has a wide range of research interests, specialising in happiness, labour market, health economics and econometrics. He is particularly interested in how socio-economic variables affect the human life experience and the ‘unanswerable’ economic mysteries in life. His recent research into rural-urban migration in China produced new evidence and a prediction that China would be the largest economy in the world within the next 10 years.