Discussion Papers and Publications

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

"The Microfinance Puzzle: Labour Supply Behaviour of Rural Households in Bangladesh" (Asadul Islam and Debayan Pakrashi) Link

"Microcredit Program Participation and Household Food Security in Rural Bangladesh" (Asadul Islam, Chandana Maitra, Debayan Pakrashi and Russell Smyth) forthcoming in Journal of Agricultural Economics. Link

"To Drill or Not to Drill? An Econometric Analysis of US Public Opinion" (Deep Mukherjee and M.A. Rahman) forthcoming in Energy Policy

"Optimal location of centralized biodigesters for small dairy farms: A case study from the United States" (2015) International Journal of Sustainable Energy Planning and Management. Vol 8,pp 3-16 (Deep Mukherjee, R.Cromley, F. Shah and B. Bravo-Ureta). Link

"The Good and the Bad: Environmental Efficiency in Northeastern U.S. Dairy Farming" (Deep Mukherjee, E. Njuki, and B. Bravo-Ureta) forthcoming in Agricultural and Resource Economics Review.

"Climate Change and Land Use in Southeastern U.S.: Did the `Dumb Farmer' Get It Wrong?" (Deep Mukherjee, T. Tsvetanov, T., L. Qi, F. Shah and B. Bravo-Ureta) forthcoming in Climate Change Economics.

Health & Wellbeing

“12 minutes more…” a health report published by Nuffield Health and the London School of Economics to promote the importance of physical activity, sports and exercise in maintaining good health (Grace Lordan and Debayan Pakrashi). Link 1 Link 2

“Make Time for Physical Activity or You May Spend More Time Sick!” (2014) Social Indicators Research. Vol. 119 (3), pp 1379-1391 (Grace Lordan and Debayan Pakrashi). Link

“Do all activities ‘weigh’ equally? How different physical activities differ as predictors of weight” (Grace Lordan and Debayan Pakrashi) forthcoming in Risk Analysis. Link

Population & Demography

“Happiness Assimilation amongst Migrants: Evidence from Australia” (Paul Frijters and Debayan Pakrashi) Link

“Migration and Discrimination: A Decomposition Approach” (Paul Frijters and Debayan Pakrashi)

“The Political Economy of Migration in China” (Paul Frijters and Debayan Pakrashi) Link

Public Policy

"Take-offs, Landing and Economic Growth" (Paul Frijters and Debayan Pakrashi) Link

“Can we select the right peers in Indian education? Evidence from Kolkata” (Paul Frijters, Asadul Islam and Debayan Pakrashi). Link

Sociology & Development

"Problems with the Eco-Sensitive Zone: Learnings from the Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand" (2015) Economic and Political Weekly.Vol 50(50). (Neha Pande and A K Sharma). Link