Dr. Asad Islam

Associate Professor of Economics (Monash University)

Senior Research Fellow

He is Development Economist. His recent research focuses on social networks, microfinance, schooling and health, petty corruption, and risk-sharing mechanisms of households. He is particularly interested in issues that can generate public policy interest. He joined at Monash University in 2009 after completing PhD in the same year. Prior to that, he worked at Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS). He like to do field work for his research. He work closely with a number of NGOs in Bangladesh including BRAC. He is the founder of an independent research organization/NGO (Initiative for Development Research and Implementation-IDRI) in Bangladesh which employs local researchers and field workers to help academics around the world to conduct surveys and experiments including large scale RCTs. He grew up in a rural village in Bangladesh. He believe his childhood in a remote rural village and experience working with NGOs and development research organization helped him to understand better of what he do, and what works in development!